Announcement for Sports Day

Posted by The Standing Commitee (AJK) of SMK Seafield's Photography Club on
As you all know, we're selling some food stuff during Sports Day to raise some money for our Photography Club. We did it last year and surprisingly, we made quite a lot of money.
The food is already all planned out:
1. Marshmallows covered with chocolate with toppings (like last year)
2. "Teh O' Ice Limau", also known as Iced Lemon Tea with a limau.
(from our survey, we concluded that a lot of people like drinking this after they finish their round of sports)
3. Lollipops
As Zhou Yen already pointed it out, any offers of helping us sell the food will be much appreciated as we might be a little short of staff.
If you have something on (like senamrobik or lompat jauh, etc..), you can leave the stall for a while to do your sport/senamrobik. But then, you'd have to come back and sell again. So, if you're part of senamrobik, you have to make sure that your head cheerleader wouldn't want you all to practice the whole time before your performance.
As for those who submitted their design in for the t-shirt designing competition, we have decided to award those who we think have put in effort to come up with the design.
If you can't help us to sell stuff on Sports Day, do help us out by buying a thing or two from our stall && maybe promote our stall to your friends? (:
Please inform us if you are interested in helping out!

- Tan Chrissy
editted by Zhou Yen